When To Replace A Teether

Babies cut their teeth at a young age so that they don’t remember the irritation, pain, and itching. This is something that our bodies actually do for the good of our health. The process of teeth pushing through the gums is lengthy and painful. One way babies help get themselves through it is to chomp on something hard. When your baby is going through this, they are going to want that teether in their mouth at all times, which can be a breeding ground for germs and other bacteria. It’s good to know when to replace the teether so it doesn’t do more harm than good.



Before your child puts anything in their mouth, inspect it first. Take the time to inspect it for signs of wear and tear. This will let you know it’s time to put it in the trash. However, having more than one of the same teeth might be a hard thing, which is where the teether set by Nissi & Jireh come in handy. This set features two of the same colored teethers with multiple designs for baby to look at and chomp down on. Their teethers are BPA-free and naturally safe for your baby, being made from natural silicone. They are also freezable, so when your baby is gnawing on one of them, the other can be in the freezer waiting for their sore mouths to bite down on them.


Warning Signs

If you see that their teether is cracked or stained after cleaning, it’s not okay for your baby to be chewing on. To avoid a total meltdown, make sure you have two of these Nissi & Jireh teethers so that you can replace the original with a new one without them noticing. Being prepared will help keep you and your baby happy and healthy. You should also make sure that if they are chewing on one of those pacifiers that have the liquid in it, that there’s no leaks anywhere. This can be super harmful for your baby.


More About The Nissi & Jireh Teether Set

I really want to take some time to tell you more about this awesome teether set.  It’s soft and pliant, which help give baby an experience that isn’t too resistant or too giving. It is perfect for tiny hands and I honestly wish my kids had some of these when they were teething. They feature surface variations that provide tactile interest and entertainment, which may help distract them from the pain of teething. It’s also super easy to freeze and the many different chewing options on the teether itself will keep your baby entertained all day long.