Teething in Babies


It is important to note that the timing of teething varies greatly for all babies. The order in which teeth grow also differs from child to child but usually starts with the bottom two middle teeth (called central incisors). As your little one grows, other baby teeth will start to poke through, including four more front teeth (lateral incisors) and four molars. The last teeth to come in are the canines, followed by the second set of molars around age 2 or 3.

It is normal for your baby to be a little grouchy and drool more than usual when teething begins. To help soothe them, you can offer them a cold teething ring, or you can use your clean finger to rub over the gums gently. It's also important to ensure they get enough fluids and food during this time. Talk to their pediatrician if you have any concerns about how your baby is coping with teething.

Teething toys can be a great way for babies to alleviate teething pain. With teething toys, babies get the chance to chew and gnaw on them, providing temporary comfort and distraction from their misery.

NISSI & JIREH teething toys are the best teething toy option for teething babies. The teethers are designed with safety and comfort in mind, made with food-grade silicone that is gentle on baby's gums while they chew and gnaw. The teething toys come in two shapes, making them an attractive teething option. The teethers also have multiple textures, providing tactile exploration that can help stimulate teething babies' development. NISSI & JIREH teething toys are also easy to clean - simply wash with mild soap and water or put in the dishwasher. With safety, comfort, and easy cleaning in mind, NISSI & JIREH teething toys are the perfect teething toy option for teething babies!