Soothing A Crying Baby

Has your child been up crying all night? Are they always cranky in the supermarket or while you’re supposed to be enjoying a quiet night with your significant other? My son was notorious for this, he still is actually. It seems like every time I sit down to relax with my husband, my son manages to find something to cry about. When my other son was younger, I swear he know that my husband and I were trying to relax. Whenever we sat down or got in bed, he would start to cry. So, how did I get him to stop, you may be wondering? There are actually a few tricks that you can use to calm your crying baby down.


The Pacifier

If you are one who likes to use a pacifier with your child, try this first. See if they want something to suck on or play with. If you use the 4-in-1 pacifier holder by Nissi & Jireh, they can play with a visually stimulating plush toy while they’re sucking on their bink. There are multiple plush toys that you can choose from and each one has the pacifier holder on it that doubles as a teether. You can also keep another binky in the stomach of the plush toy for safe keeping. This is one of the coolest baby products that I have come across in a long time.


Cradle Them

Carrying your baby can make them feel safe and comfortable. Here is a method that you can try: The cradle-carry: With both elbows bent about 45 degrees, rest your baby's head in the crook of one arm, supporting them with both of your forearms along the length of their back. Rock or bounce them gently while patting her bottom. They may find this position especially soothing, since they can see your face.


A Massage

The warm touch of your hands can console your baby instantly. In a warm, quiet room, undress him except for his diaper and put him on a comfortable surface (a bed, couch, your lap). Use baby oil or a moisturizing lotion. Apply gentle, yet firm pressure with each stroke. Be aware of your baby's cues: If he wiggles or fusses, stop and try again another time. You can do this entire sequence or just the parts your baby likes


Sing To Your Baby

Singing to your baby may calm them down. Don’t worry if you don’t have a good singing voice, they don’t care. They just like to hear it. Sing calm, slow songs to them such as lullabies. The body responds to music by adapting heart and respiratory rates to the tempo.