If your child used Pacifiers

Fortunately, none of my children sucked on their thumbs. My son only preferred the binky because he was born with a medical condition that put him in the NICU, where it’s been proven that a binky can save the life of a baby in that place. However, there have been rumors going around for a long time that sucking on a thumb or binky can ruin a child’s teeth. Check out what I have to say about thumb sucking and pacifiers.


If your child already has a pacifier, I want to tell you about the 4-in-1 pacifier holder by Nissi & Jireh. This is one of the coolest holders that I have seen in a long time. It comes in three cute varieties of plush toys for distraction; elephant, dog, or bear, plus more to come.  Each one having the ability to hold any pacifier on the market.The pacifier can be stored securely inside of the animals belly for safe keeping or you can put an extra one in there for those times when the original one happens to disappear. The colors on the animals were chosen based on research. These colors have been proven to be preferred by most babies. These colors make a larger impact on the baby’s retina and travel to their tiny brains quicker, making development of the brain and vision quicker.


As they suck away on their binky, they can hold that cute little plush toy for distraction. I really wish my son had this when he was baby. It would have made his hospital trips so much easier. Especially since he was teething at one point and it can be used as a teether as well. The teether is soft and flexible for easy chomping. This truly is a fantastic product.