How To Clean A Teething Toy

Little ones love to put things in their mouths, and they are too young to know about the dangers of germs or harmful bacteria. When it comes to toys that are meant to help a baby’s mouth, sanitation and safety are very important along with the quality of the you require only the best for your baby. The most common cleaning tactics used for teethers and other baby toys are dishwashers, washing machines, natural cleaners, and boiling them in water. However, not all of these are the most ideal, and we’ll discuss why.



The dishwasher may sound convenient to just add a ty to the top shelf and put it on a wash cycle, but it’s really not. Think about it, you’re washing your child’s teething toy with dirty dishes while using soap that contains harmful chemicals. It doesn’t provide great sanitation and it may also leave behind some gross soap. Honestly, it’s best to leave the dishwasher to cutlery rather than baby toys.


White Vinegar & Water

No, this option does not smell that great, but it’s one of the safest ways you can sanitize your child’s teething toy. You can mix half water and half white vinegar to create a natural cleaning product. It will clean the toys without leaving behind the toxic residue that dishwashers and other cleaners can. All you have to do is make a bowl of this mixture and allow the teether to soak in it for a little while. Once you think it’s soaked for long enough, dry it off and give it back to your baby,


Baking-Soda & Water

Baking soda and water are generally a safe option for sanitizing and cleaning your baby’s teether. You can use it as a soak method or you can wipe it down. Once it has soaked or been wiped, you can dry it off and give it right back. This method also works on other toys that should be cleaned with a natural cleaning agent.


The Boiling Water Method

This is an old method that is safe or little ones as well. You can boil just about anything that a child plays with or chews on for about five minutes. This is all it takes to kill the germs. Once done, allow the teether to cool down before giving it back to them. This works for those plastic, hard teething toys.



A Backup Method

While their favorite teether is being washed, they’re probably going to be frustrated and in pain. The best thing you can do for them is to invest in a teether set like the ones that Nissi & Jireh offer. Their teething sets are BPA-free, safe for babies, and easy to grasp. They come in pairs of either blue or pink and feature different textures for baby to explore while they’re chomping. The best part is that they can be chewing on one while the other is in the freezer or being washed. It’s a pretty great product for the price, honestly.