How To Choose The Right Pacifier For Your Baby

So, you’ve decided that you want your baby to have a pacifier. Your next task is to find one that is right for them. There are more pacifiers on the market than you could possibly ever imagine, so how will you know which one is best? Well, it comes down to how safe they are, if they’re healthy for them, and within the price range you’re looking for. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best kinds of pacifiers for your baby and why they fall on the list.


For Newborns

Finding the right pacifier for your newborn is vital. If you find the wrong one and they form an attachment to it, it could ruin their gums, teeth, or even stunt their development. Not to mention, it could just be completely unsafe. The best kind of binky that a newborn should use is one that is orthodontic or ventilated. The reason being, the orthodontic ones are specifically designed for tiny mouths and they are made to promote healthy development of the jaw and teeth. They’re also BPA-free. These are recommended for babies from birth to two months. The ventilated ones are nice as well because it allows for air circulation and a soft edge that makes teething more comfortable. It also mimics the nipple so that there’s no breastfeeding confusion.


For Babies Breastfeeding

Any pacifier that mimics the nipple is best for babies who are still breastfeeding. You’ll want one with a natural flexing action to imitate the motion of the mother’s nipple during feeding. If you can find one, try to get one with air circulation and teething nubs to help with your baby’s gums.


For Babies With Teeth

The same rule applies to kids with teeth as it does to babies with no teeth-find one that helps with the promotion of healthy teeth development. You can also look for one that is designed to help massage those newly erupted teeth. Some pacifiers will have a fun, bumpy texture for teething babies to enjoy.


Keeping The Pacifiers Safe

Pacifiers get lost, chewed on, and thrown no matter where you are. The best way to keep your child from throwing it is to present them with another option for when they are sucking away on the bink. The 4-in-1 pacifier holder by Nissi & Jireh is the perfect product for your child to grow with. It features a visually stimulating plush toy of their choosing that also doubles as a teether. You attach any pacifier to the end part so that they can suck on it while holding the plush toy. You can also keep a backup binky inside of the plush toys belly. There are three fun animals to choose from and once your baby is out of the pacifier stage, they can chomp away on one of Nissi & Jireh’s teether sets