Finding The Right Teether

When your baby is teething, it’s the most heartbreaking thing in the world it seems. Your baby can’t get comfortable, they’re cranky and in pain. Knowing there’s really nothing that you can do about it makes it that much worse. Your first instinct may be to head right out to the store and grab the first teether that you can find, but that’s not a good idea. There are more than one option and you should definitely think about your options before you make a final decision.


Freezer Teether

Chilled teethers are a great idea for babies who find the cold to be soothing. The only issue with this is that some of them are just too big for baby’s mouth. Either that or they are too cold to touch, especially if it’s made from plastic. There’s also the chance of the liquid being exposed to the baby if they chomp down too hard. These are great for babies who don’t have teeth, but not recommended for those who do.


Teether Sets

Teether sets are always a great idea. Nissi & Jireh is a company that offers a remarkable new type of teether set. It features two different designs with multiple textures for baby to explore. It’s freezer safe, BPA-free and so much more. You can get them in blue and pink colors. The end of each teether is a ring small enough for even the tiniest of hands. The best part is that when one is being frozen, the other can be in your baby’s mouth, comfortably soothing their aching gums.


Teether Toys

Teether toys are just what they sound like. They are a toy that your baby can play with while they are chomping away on it. These often have large beads that are attached to the toy to add textures. I personally don’t like these due to the risk of a bead breaking off. The other ones that are solid designs, like the one offered by Nissi & Jireh, are better than those with loose objects to chew on.


Teething Necklaces

I really don’t like these, but they seem to be a popular choice amongst parents who like to remain all natural. They are generally made from amber stones and are secured on a string for the baby to wear around their neck. They can then chomp away all they want whenever they want. I always get concerned over the baby choking, but that’s just me.


I strongly suggest the teether sets. They are ideal for babies who constantly love their frozen treats. They are safe for baby, affordable and stylish. I love how they feature different textures and shapes. It makes it fun for the cranky baby and may even help calm them down.