Does A Teething Ring Work?

Yes, a teething ring can work to help ease some of that pain from teething. I suggest the Nissi & Jireh teething ring set. These are great for easing the pain. They are BPA-free, have no chemicals in them, and they have different textures that the baby can explore. They come in blue or pink and you can keep one in the freezer while the other is in your baby’s mouth.

Home remedies

Some home remedies can also go a long way in alleviating molar pain and discomfort. You may try:

  • placing a cool, wet gauze pad on the gums

  • using your finger to gently massage the area

  • rubbing a cool spoon on the gums (but don’t let your child bite the spoon)

  • letting your child chew on a wet washcloth (make sure the cloth is sturdy; if it starts falling apart, take it away)


Hard, crunchy foods can also be helpful for toddlers. Unlike teething infants, toddlers are better able to chew food more thoroughly before swallowing, but they should still always be supervised.