Best Baby Shower Gifts

A baby shower is an amazing time in a pregnancy. It’s that beautiful day in which an expecting mother and father get showered with gifts and treats. There are mounds of gifts to welcome the new baby. It can be tough to pick a shower gift, however. There are so many things on the market that you can get for the expecting mother and her baby. Check out this list of the top five baby products that you could give.


#1. Teether

It a no brainer that a baby is going to eventually get some teeth. When they do, they are going to want something to chomp away on. It can be tough to pick a teether because there are so many out there, however, there is one that really sticks out. The teether set by Nissi & Jireh is an ideal set. The reason being, it’s BPA-free and perfect for the baby’s tiny hands. The package comes with two pink or blue teethers that feature different textures for endless fun for baby. They can be frozen as well.


#2. Exersaucer

This was a lifesaver when my kids were babies. The exersaucer is like a, well, saucer that has all kinds of visual stimulation toys attached to it Some of them can bounce up and down and others are stationary. They aren’t cheap, but almost every mom is going to want one at some point. They are great for plopping the baby down while you do chores.


#3. Pacifier Holder

Even if the baby doesn’t take a binky, this pacifier holder is one that you should get the new mom anyway. It’s a 4-in-1 holder by Nissi & Jireh. It features a very visually stimulating plush animal that can keep a binky inside its belly for safe storage. There’s also another holder attached to it that doubles as a teether. It’s definitely a fun product for the baby.


#4. Diapers

This is pretty obvious, but a mother is going to want a huge supply of diapers. So, if you’re stuck on what to get her, gram a few small packages of diapers or a few large boxes. Don’t forget the baby wipes as well. It’s best to ask what brand they plan on using. If they don’t know yet, grab a few different kinds.


#5. Playmat

My son’s playmat was his favorite toy when he was learning how to roll and grab things. These can have attachments on them that light up, play music, and some that can be chomped on. My son had one that had a keyboard attached to it and when he kicked, the playmat played music. It was pretty cool. There are a lot of these on the market, so you can’t really go wrong with whatever one you choose. Take into consideration the colors and the toys that are on the playmat.